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International Insurance

Are You A Traveling Photographer? Make Sure Your Coverage Travels With You

Coverage Overview:

  • Essential for traveling photographers
  • International coverage is NOT included in standard general liability policies
  • Provides General Liability Insurance outside of US borders

International General Liability Insurance for Professional Photographers

Most business-savvy professional photographers understand the legal exposures they face here at home. However, a trip outside of United States’ borders (including Puerto Rico and Canada) is a completely new ball-game when it comes to insurance, risks and potential threats.

Professional photographers also happen to be professional travelers. And, it makes perfect sense because even though it takes very little artistic ability to appreciate foreign culture, life, sunsets, architecture, scenery and history, when you’re a professional photographic artist, the beauty of these discoveries are appreciated at new heights.

That said, professional photographers can’t ignore the reality that international travel involves an encounter with unfamiliar laws, languages and customs; and without proper general liability protection that addresses international risks, traveling photographers are vulnerable to serious legal and financial threats.

With our international commercial general liability insurance, you can protect yourself outside of our nation’s borders while traveling for a shoot. This coverage will become your first line of defense against any costly legal actions arising from events occurring outside our nation’s borders.

  • General liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage, employee benefits, personal and advertising injury, and medical payment claims brought outside the U.S.
  • Miscellaneous property coverage for your office equipment and other business personal property in transit or at a scheduled location
  • Auto liability coverage in excess of locally issued foreign policies for accidents that occur outside the U.S.
  • Employers’ responsibility coverage for employees who are injured or contract a disease while conducting business overseas
  • 24/7 travel assistance including emergency medical evacuation, access to local attorneys, and more
  • Medical, accident death and dismemberment coverage
  • Kidnap and extortion coverage