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General Photography Liability Insurance

General Photography Liability InsuranceGeneral Liability Insurance for Professional Photographers: Protecting you and your business against third party claims of bodily injury and property damage

Coverage Overview:

  • Most of Our Plans/Policies Include $2,000,000 of General Liability Coverage
  • Coverage across the United States, and extending to territories including Puerto Rico and Canada
  • Coverage pays for legal/court fees, defense costs, or any settlements, judgements, etc., resulting from a general liability claim

Providing Professional Photographers Protection From Costly Lawsuits.

If uncertainty about your photography business’s protection is a problem, let APA Insurance Services be the solution.

Common photographers’ general liability insurance problems we solve:

  • Fulfilling contract requirements for professional photographers
  • Providing certificates of insurance that meet the needs of your photography project
  • Maximizing general liability coverage for professional photographers while minimizing premium expense
  • Re-marketing accounts that are facing premium increases
  • Making sure your general liability limits properly address your operations

As a photography business owner, in addition to photographing, we understand that you have to wear many other hats! As an insurance agency that works exclusively with professional photographers, we understand the ins-and-outs of the industry and know what it takes to protect the unique operations of a professional photographer. We also understand that no matter how prepared, careful and responsible you are as a business owner, accidents will happen and problems will arise.

Needless to say, this is where APA Insurance Services offers professional photographers a very valuable solution: we protect your photography business from the many uncertainties that come along with being in business.

By securing general liability insurance, you are protecting your professional photography business from third party claims involving property damage and/or bodily injury. So, what can a general liability policy address, when it comes to your professional photography businesses?

The protection you need, the trust you deserve.

One way to secure general liability protection is through a Professional Photography Business Owners’ Policy (otherwise known as a “BOP”). A Business Owners’ Policy bundles general liability insurance, property insurance and other coverages (depending on carrier) into one insurance package. The advantage of a BOP is the fact that the policy generally provides more coverage per dollar (ie. lower cost) because it’s bundled. However, Business Owners’ Policies are standard insurance packages and cannot be customized to meet the needs of one specific professional photographer.

Fortunately, our Photography Insurance Problem Solvers have an array of added coverage solutions that can address any additional exposures of your photography business via policy endorsements and/or additional coverages.Or, in the event a BOP isn’t the best fit for a particular business, we can secure a fully customized insurance package. Most often, we design a comprehensive professional photography insurance plan that takes advantage of the low-cost benefits of a BOP, with the added and customized protection of additional coverages as needed.

Examples of additional coverages:

  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Errors & Omissions Insurance (may be included in BOP, depending on carrier)
  • Excess or Umbrella Liability Insurance
  • Data Privacy/Cyber Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance Claims Examples:

  • Injury at Your Studio: A young child is sitting on a tall prop for a family shoot. His quick movements make it unstable, and he comes crashing down. The child is rushed to the hospital and suffers a broken-bone.
  • Off-Site Property Damage: You are shooting a commercial in a newly refurbished office building and realize your camera equipment has scratched the hardwood floors
  • Off-Site Injury: You’re filming in a public park and your assistant forgets to secure a loose cord. A pedestrian trips on the cord and falls on the ledge of the cement sidewalk. You are responsible for emergency care and medical bills.
  • Property Damage at Your Studio: You’ve been hired to photograph a world-renowned clothing designer’s new collection. In the middle of photographing, you accidentally step on part of a gown while the model is walking, causing it to tear. The custom-made dress is worth $4,500… and now you’re on the hook.