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Errors and Omissions Insurance (Professional Liability)

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You’re A Pro! But, Have You Ever Made A Mistake?

Coverage Overview:

  • Pays damages in the event of an error or omission on your part
  • Coverage protects you in court, paying attorney’s fees and other legal expenses
  • Designed to protect your reputation, not just pay court costs
  • Coverage does not always require legal action to respond
  • SEPARATE from your General Liability Insurance policy

Don’t Let An Error or Omission Cost You , Your Reputation… or Entire Savings!

Errors & Omissions Insurance, also known as Professional Liability Insurance, is becoming an increasingly important (yet often neglected!) component of professional photographers’ protection plan. As the name suggests, the coverage addresses the financial impact of a professional photographer’s error or omission.

Whether it’s in or outside of the studio and unless you’re a perfect human being, every professional photographer has potential to make an”error” or “omission.” Can you honestly say you haven’t made one mistake in the past year… or month… or week…or day…or just the last 10 minutes? Some of us make mistakes more often than others, but nobody is immune. Unfortunately.

What kinds of mistakes are we talking about here? Well, perhaps you schedule a graduation shoot for the wrong day, lose a memory card with your client’s 1-month baby photos after completing the job, or even take “compromising” photographs of a paying customer. All of these scenarios, among thousands more, can pose a real danger to your photography business’s future, reputation and bottom line.

Imagine being sued for missing that “key” wedding shot. How could you ever repair this type of loss, or how much would it cost you to settle? Though Errors & Omissions insurance can not erase a mistake, it can certainly soothe the anger and disbelief of a customer when it happens. In this case, the coverage may pay to completely re-stage the wedding event– complete with tuxedos and fresh flowers, if necessary.

When you make a mistake or oversight, Errors and Omissions Coverage will protect you in court by paying attorney’s fees and other legal expenses. But, it’s important to note, that this coverage does not always require legal action to respond.

Lastly, the purpose of this coverage isn’t limited to just “paying damages” when a court rules against you; it’s much more than that. Professional Photographers Error’s and Omission’s Insurance aims to preserve your reputation and salvage the relationship you have with your client (which you’ve probably worked very hard to build ), because let’s face it–everyone…even the best of the very best… makes mistakes.