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Hired & Non-Owned Auto Insurance for Photographers

Hired & Non-Owned Auto Insurance for PhotographersDriving To A Shoot? Picking Up Equipment? Having An Assistant Run Errands? Protect Your Photography Business with Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance

So You Can Drive To Get The Job Done, Without The Worry

If your business is incorporated and you use your own automobile, have employees, or frequently rent automobiles when you travel, this coverage is vitally important.

Your employee’s routine trip to the photo lab or the bank could have serious financial repercussions for you and your business if your employee causes an accident with his or her own vehicle.

This coverage applies to an auto that is used in connection with the named insured’s business, but that is not owned, leased, hired, rented, or borrowed by the named insured.

Hired/Non-owned Automobile Liability is an easy addition to your Photography Insurance policy or plan, and with a standard limit of $1,000,000, it will go far in protecting you against accident victims seeking “deeper pockets.” This coverage is secondary and in addition to General Liability Coverage.