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About Us

APA Insurance Services provides photo insurance protection specifically designed for professional photographers. We are also the exclusively endorsed photography insurance provider of the American Photographic Artists (APA).

As independent insurance agents, we have established long-term, solid relationships with several of the top rated national carriers in the photography industry. The Hartford, CNA, and Allianz (formerly known as Fireman’s Fund) are among our leading insurance carriers with photo insurance solutions and/or insurance programs especially designed for professional photographers.

Our experienced staff works with these carriers to find you, our client, a photography insurance solution that offers the most competitive pricing, premier coverage options, and peace of mind.

Our Independent Advantage

Have you ever entered a photography competition that your best friend (we’re talking best of the best!) was the judge of? There’s a reason for that.

In order to host a true “competition” a judge cannot be biased and must make his/her decision solely on the talent of the candidates. Otherwise, the winner (ie. “the best photographer”) will not win because of his/her art and vision, but because of politics; And if you’ve ever experienced a scenario where this has happened, you know there’s nothing worse than that.

Let’s be honest (or at least hope!) that if your best friend was judging your competition, you’ll have a slight (if not a complete) advantage.

Well, the same is true for direct writing insurance agencies (ie. the Geico, Progressive, etc. of the world)– because if you’re insured with one, your agent is always going to believe that their product is best for you. After all, it’s the only product(s) they have to offer and they are only rewarded if they convince you it’s the best!

An independent photo insurance agency, like APA Insurance Services, on the other hand, is advantageous to professional photographers looking for insurance, because it’s unbiased and has the customers’ interests at heart. At APA Insurance, we don’t have ties to any one photography insurance company, and our paycheck doesn’t depend on loyalty to a particular carrier. Instead, we are able to leverage the competition by presenting your account to several insurance carriers and selecting the insurance option with the MOST to offer you!

So What’s The Bottom Line?

An independent agent like APA Insurance Services WORKS FOR YOU, the photographer, and NOT the insurance company. We are the unbiased judge that will choose coverage (or photographs) based on value (or talent), without loyalty to only one carrier (or a BFF).

Why Choose APA Insurance Services

  1. We’re endorsed by APA National
  2. 5 star customer reviews on Facebook, Google, and Yelp
  3. Highly trained and experienced staff
  4. We offer free certificates of insurance
  5. Insurance discounts for APA members