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Camera Equipment Insurance

Camera Equipment Insurance for Professional Photographers: Protecting the Owned/Rented Camera Gear and Professional Equipment

Coverage Overview:

  • Covers OWNED and RENTED equipment at replacement cost
  • WORLDWIDE Coverage
  • Equipment Only Policy Provides Preferred Rates for APA Members
  • Includes Coverage for THEFT, FIRE, MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE, VANDALISM and/or ACCIDENTAL BREAKAGE *Coverage varies with each plan

Let Us Protect Your Photography Gear!

We’ve been insuring professional photographers for a long time, and we understand that quality camera gear requires a financial investment. Whether it’s owned or rented, it costs; and without proper insurance to protect it, you are putting yourself and your photography business at risk.

With our photography equipment and camera insurance coverage, our photographers can focus on what matters (getting that perfect shot) without worrying about the financial impact of a broken or damaged piece of equipment.

Most professional photographers are also “professional equipment renters.” After all, if photographers had to buy every piece of equipment they needed for their various shoots, a return on investment would be slim to none. Renting gives professional photographers the flexibility to meet project requirements without a large investment in equipment each time, especially because projects and equipment needs vary.

Because of rental frequency, our agency prides itself in the fact that our certificates of insurance are always complimentary with a standard 24-hour turnaround. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not charge for certificates, because we don’t believe in taking advantage of the system (or our customers!)… ever.

Whether a piece of equipment is owned, or rented, the financial risk of an out-of-pocket expense is great without proper photography equipment and camera insurance. So, we provide this coverage in all of our photography insurance coverage packages–starting with a photography equipment insurance policy only, and expanding into a pro photographers’ business insurance package or a premier photography business insurance package.

At APA Insurance Services, we provide camera insurance as a stand-alone policy (if you just want your gear insured), or as part of a comprehensive business package that addresses the additional business risks of professional photographers.

Whether you need a specific lens or an entire lens set, special lighting or an LED Kit, rails and high support or tripods, batteries, memory cards, filters, underwater gear (the list never ends), we’ll help to make sure your insurance meets your needs and won’t leave you exposed to a devastating claim.

Our photographers equipment insurance provides worldwide coverage for owned or rented equipment, and insures the equipment at replacement cost!

Camera Equipment Insurance Claims Examples:

Insured photographer is in Alaska, taking photos of a animals. While navigating a stream, he/she slips and the camera falls out of his/her hands and into the water, damaging the equipment.

Insured photographer gets on a plane and puts his carry on camera bag in an empty space in the overhead further towards the front of the plane than his/her seat. When he/she lands, he goes to retrieve the camera bag and it is gone. Some seated in the front of the plane took it and left the plane of our insured.

Insured photographer is in Paris at a crowed event taking photos . Some of his equipment is on a table near a large group of people. Someone jostles the table and the equipment falls, breaking it.